Oh My God! Re-Answering the questions

Many of people who are religious or spiritual are unable to answer questions raised by OMG (Oh My God) movie they just neglect them or become atheist. But I found a book which clears all the misconception people have about religion  or Dharma.

This movie fittingly exposed the arrogance and hypocrisy of godmen. It also made several important points about specific religious practices as well as the generic role of religion in society. Oh My God! Re-answering the Questions responds to those points through thirty-two question-answers like:

  • Do we need middlemen to approach God?
  • Does God help atheists and oppose godmen?
  • Is religion made by man or by God?
  • When we don’t chant “Papa, Papa”, why should we chant “Krishna, Krishna”?
  • Does religion make people violent or helpless?
  • When God is present everywhere, why should we worship him in temple stone images?

This book will  present other side of the coin which was not in OMG movie. This book is written by Chaitanya Charan das he is a monk in Pune, India.

I really loved his answers that is the reason why I am sharing it with others.  Here is Oh My God Re-Answering the questions.

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