Save Temple of Lord Krishna in Russia

Russian Government and one XXX religious group (name purposefully not
mentioned here, search the internet for the religion) is trying to demolish
the one and only Vishnu (Krishna) temple in the whole of Russia.

A lot of Americans, middle east and Europeans are accepting Indian culture
and Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) these days. This is because the Vedic texts
like Gita, Bhagavatam, Puranas, Upanishads,etc give a lot of meaningful
answers which are not given by other religious texts. These includes
reincarnation, karma,the structure of universe and spiritual world,etc.

We are not saying that any religion is wrong or small or great. The Santana
Dharma teaches us to love and respect all bonafide religions

Hence many intelligent Russians are voluntarily trying to practice Sanatan
Dharma without leaving their original faith. But the XXX group nad some
government officials are scared of this growing popularity and are trying
their best to stop the masses to practice Sanatan Dharma.

Few years back they tried to Ban the Bhagavat Gita. Later they cancelled the
alloted land for the temple. Now they are up to Demolish the only Vishnu
(Krishna) temple in the entire Russia.

This temple located in Moscow, is made only by the Russians and are
struggling hard to maintain it and practice Indian culture in Russia. They
are tolerating the pain and injustice from many decades with a hope of peace
and brotherhood.

Many of the followers have been iimprisonedand brutally tortured (including
women and children) by the anti-sanatan dharma group.

This time the Vishnu devotees are requesting help from the entire world to
support them and help them through a peaceful process.

Hence the Indian Government and Russian Government has come up with a scheme
of receiving a miss call on 08030636341 to check out how many worldwide
support for the temple in Russia.

Hence we request you to give a miss call on  08030636341 to show your
support. The call will automatically disconnect and you will receive a
message thanking you for the support. Please do it as soon as possible.* We
have very less time. Your one miss call can bring a lot of change*

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