Don’t let your possessions possess you

We are living in the age of stuff ,we have never owned so many things ,houses have doubled in size in the last forty years to hold all this stuff even our refrigerator have become bigger and bigger ,yet on the crest of this wave of gathering more and more possessions ,there is increases sadness.and with unprecedented  stimulation around us there is boredom .we are at cultural moment where noise and agitation are everywhere .millions are drinking and smoking their lives away and watching television until they become mindless automation totally controlled by illusory pleasures .

The presence of mind boggling variety practically of everything drowns us in utter confusion ,even to choose a basic necessity as soap or toothpaste  people spend half an hour .on one hand we spend so much time choosing the basic commodities and on other hand we hardly have time to think about the most precious  commodity given to us by almighty ,the human form of life .we are so preoccupied with things that we don’t have time for  people and for  our true self.for practically everything right from shaving ,brushing your teeth to washing your clothes ,we  have gadgets.

Now let me take you a decade back ,when people use to live in joint families ,every ceremony in home  all relatives use to assemble with their children ,every festival was celebration ,loving exchanges .now family gatherings has been a thing of past ,joint families have erupted into nuclear families and now even solitary nucleons are orbiting aimlessly .

We are living in an age where we have more information but less common sense ,wide road but narrow hearts ,fast food slow to digest ,it seems we are lacking something .undoubtedly we have surpassed all our ancestors in technological advancement ,but  bcoz of this unidimesnsional obsession we have also created large spiritual vacuum in heart of civilization .

One thought on “Don’t let your possessions possess you”

  1. Globalisation has changed the way people behave with fellow brethern. The consumerist mentality has to stop at one state or other and people are made to interact with fellow human beings as Mother theresa did with orphans.

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