Gratitude for the present by having more appreciation for the past

It is easy to take so much for granted – even life itself ,normally when we have the opportunities ,facilities or experiences . we can easily fail to appreciate them fully however when we no longer have them we are often forced to reflect more on what we had in the best .

In college students ponder over bygone school days ,how there was no anxiety of job ,sports and picnics , loving and intimate school friends , parental affection of teachers now the perversion have engulfed every relation ,anxiety and cut throat competition for jobs have consumed the joy of freedom of college life .in this situation I can become very angry ,sad and depressed or I become more attentive ,appreciative and full of gratitude .i can relive and recapture those beautiful moments ,feeling grateful for what was available in the past .

I had been lonely in the past but then I met my life partner , I thought she will make me happy and totally satisfied ,I was sure that she would make this important miracle happen in my life ,the problem was however she was expecting the same from me,but ultimately I got disappointment and frustration because neither was ready to accommodate the needs of other and each expected the other to facilitate personal needs .i can be thoroughly frustrated with the situation or see it as an arrangement of Krishna . it is a famous dictum “ if God likes you ,he gives you everything but if he loves you ,he takes everything away “special mercy often comes in the form of tough love .when written in Chinese the word “crisis” is composed of 2 characters one represents danger and other represents opportunity .

I invested in the best of companies share ,toiled hard day and night to climb the career ladder ,served loyally my superiors and bosses to earn their trust but all plans seems to be aborted ,expenditures are increasing exponentially and though the income is increasing but still not suffice ,I can keep worrying about augmenting my bank balance or take upto simplified version of life and be grateful and appreciative of the gifts of god in our daily lives . Chanakya Pandit rightly says  “who is rich ,not the one who has more possessions but one who has less wants “ .

I have 2 children ,one doing MS from Arizona state university other one pursuing   graduation from IIT , once a year they manage to visit home with great difficulty ,they have no plans to settle in India ,I can feel dejected ,or become grateful to god for showing me the real face of world ,I can more desperately take shelter of my original father ,eternal father . It is said in Bhagvad Gita that  Krishna is “suhrdam sarvabhutanam” well wisher of every living entity even if the whole world misunderstand us Krishna will never misunderstand us .

I get sick ,I have difficulty eating or sleeping or some chronic disease takes over ,I can reflect on how fortunate and wonderful those experiences were when I was able to eat sumptuously and how pleasant it was to have nights of deep ,restful ,peaceful sleep and extreme inconvenience and pain created by present situations can spark much more appreciation for the many years I had in the past without illness.

I have entered into the last phase of my life ,very soon this drama of material life will finish .i am alone all relatives and even my own children have banished me ,I am like a trash can in one corner of house many are thinking in their minds when they will be relieved of me ,I can be depressed and keep on passing my days just waiting for the final transition ,or I can die before die ,give up my false egoistic identity and live as eternal servant of Krishna ,death forces us to look for what is essential .philosophy means to keep death in front of our eyes .there are 2 kinds of deaths –one the death of false ego and other is death the death of coat – the material body .if one has overcome the false ego ,the much feared physical death looses its horrors.

For a fully god conscious person there is nothing to fear ,since with death he is moving from one hand of god to other .

Note: This might be your story.

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