Attitude of gratitude

Yesterday suddenly heavy rains poured down ,water suddenly entered our rooms ,by the time I got up my luggage ,bathing gears ,clothes everything was floating ,my sleepers have traversed far off ,I was frustrated with the whole event .

Then I pondered ,when things go in usual way we have the tendency to take things for granted ,become oblivious of the magnificent gifts of god .if we have a close look at the vedic culture – we will find Vedic culture is interwoven with gratefulness even Krishna himself felt so indebted towards the cowherd damsels of vraja that he said “I don’t have anything to repay you”. One more stunning instance comes when Mother Rukmini sent a brahmana for delivering the first ever love letter in the history than when brahaman returned after finishing the task, mother Rukmini had nothing to give him so she paid obeisances.

Vedic culture means to give ,culture of charity – in vedic times it was food ,education everything was offered free but now they are the two biggest money making industries. Somewhere we have to begin this habit of giving, Once one beggar use to go for begging daily to a particular house so lady got frustrated ,one day when the beggar came at the door – she brought one cup of ash and gave him and he said thank you ,lady said what I am giving you ash and you are saying thank you , he said yes ,at least you have begun the process ,today you are giving ash tomm you will give cash .

So let us not get depressed by unhealthy comparisons with others ,appreciate what god has given us and share that with others .